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We at Technical Parks dedicate our knowledge, time and efforts to create different types of amusement rides, with the aim of creating unforgettable moments of excitement.

We combine specific skills and imagination to create a complete product from all points of view.

Technical Park is always pushing the envelope for new artistic innovations, constantly looking to stay ahead in technology but far away from the edge of the limit, keeping in mind the correct safety factor can’t be an argument for cheap compromises.
We feel accomplished when we are able to bring fun to our customers’ life after a long journey which involves engineering practice and design.

This aim is pursued through the adoption, maintenance and improvement of a quality management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.
The inspiring principles that rule the activity draw the following guidelines:

  • Attention to customers’ both implicit and explicit needs and requests
  • Continuous innovation in technological knowledge and in the development of new products, aiming for efficiency and giving priority to sustainability practices.
    On time delivery.
  • Minimization of defects and continuous improvement of products’ quality.
  • Quick and professional technical assistance in pre-sale and after-sales service.
  • Commitment to compliance with mandatory laws / regulations.
  • Commitment to maintain and improve healthy and safe workplaces.
  • Active involvement of all staff in the various activities.
  • Mutual collaboration, fairness, transparency, availability and flexibility as essential requirements in the relationships between people.
  • Selection and verification of suppliers to ensure the quality and reliability of supplies.
  • Empowering and involvement of suppliers on quality aspects.
  • Suppliers’ specialization.
  • Commit the quality of the rides rather than the quantity produced.


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